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Brand Perception Surveys: Definition, Methodologies& Sample Questions

Your brand image is everything to you as an organisation; it determines how you are perceived by your target market and other industry players in your field. But how do you make sure you’re always projecting the right brand image?

Regularly conducting brand surveys allows you to keep track of your brand and how your target audience perceives it. We’ll walk you through the world of brand surveys and show you how they can benefit your company in this article.

What is brand perception?

The overarching sentiment that people have when they think about a particular brand is called brand perception. What characteristics do they associate with the name of your company? Do they understand the purpose or mission of your brand? Who do they believe it is intended for? What do they think its market position is? Customer loyalty, which ultimately correlates to market share, is influenced by brand perception.

How to Conduct a Brand Perception Survey

Depending on which market research methodology your company prefers, the process of conducting a brand perception study varies (quantitative or qualitative).

Our market research firm follows the steps outlined below when conducting a brand perception survey for one of our clients.

Step 1: Proposal

When you hire a market research firm to conduct a brand perception survey, they will send you a proposal detailing the project’s cost, timeline, and suggested approach.

Are you interested in learning how to write a market research RFP? Check out our free market research RFP template, which will walk you through what information to include step by step.

Step 2: Kickoff Meeting

A market research firm, such as Spade Survey, will set up a call with members of your team after a proposal is signed.

The goal of this kickoff meeting is to learn about the goals of your brand perception survey.

Understanding the objectives of any market research project is critical because it aids in the formulation of survey questions.

If a third party does not know what your team wants to learn from the research, they will struggle to capture insights that are more important to you.

Step 3: Survey Design & Program

Our team will begin drafting the survey after the kickoff meeting. Each survey is tailored to our clients’ specific goals and objectives to ensure that they are met.

A brand perception survey for a hospital, for example, should not be the same as one for a restaurant.

Our market research firm will send the brand perception survey to clients as a Word document at this point.

This allows our clients to provide feedback or make changes to the survey before it is programmed. Spade Survey will begin programming and testing once both parties are satisfied with the questionnaire.

Step 4: Fieldwork

The brand perception survey is now available to take.

First, our team sends the survey to a small group of people to ensure that it is functioning properly. Spade Survey values meticulous attention to detail, no matter how minor.

The brand perception survey is moved to full fieldwork shortly after the soft launch.

Our market research firm suggests that you collect at least 400 responses, but this can be adjusted depending on your project budget.

Step 5: Cleaning &Analysing Data

Our experts start cleaning the data as soon as the responses start coming in. Duplicate responses, responses from survey bots, and those who do not provide honest responses are all removed.

It’s critical to clean responses as they come in so that the target number of responses is met within the timeframe.

Spade Survey, for example, will deliver 500 fully qualified survey responses if your team has paid for 500.

Our market research firm begins analysing each survey question and drafting our findings once fieldwork is completed.

Step 6: Market Research Report

Each client’s market research report for a brand perception survey is unique. A topline report and a comprehensive report are the two most popular reporting packages.

A topline market research report summarises the study’s main findings, whereas a comprehensive report goes into greater detail.

An executive summary, a breakdown of the question by question results, an info graphic, actionable recommendations for how to use the data, and more are common features of this type of reporting.

Step 7: Meeting to discuss Session

Finally, Spade Survey arranges a Meeting with our clients to discuss the brand perception survey results.

Our project team frequently goes over the market research report page by page. Clients must have a thorough understanding of the information presented.

Methodologies for Measuring Brand Perception

Market research methods such as online surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus groups can be used to gain insight from these audiences.

Each strategy is chosen for a variety of reasons. A focus group, for example, may be the best option if a company wants to conduct more exploratory research.

An online survey is the best option for a brand looking for quick and cost-effective data.

A combination market research approach is always an option if your budget allows it. In this case, your company can use both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to collect measurable and detailed feedback.

Our market research firm will almost always recommend conducting online brand perception surveys. Online surveys provide quick results, high-quality data, and more access to respondents.

Objectives of a Brand Perception Survey

1. A brand perception survey can help you understand how customers feel about your company.

2. It is an important tool in brand management because it aids in the development of the right image for your company.

3. It allows you to get immediate feedback from your target market and customers.

4. A brand perception survey allows you to monitor your brand’s performance in the marketplace. You’d know how your brand compares to the competition.

5. It facilitates better communication between your company and its customers.

6. You can use data from brand perception surveys to create a great customer experience for your company.

7. It is an important metric for determining brand loyalty.

Questions to Ask in a Brand Perception Survey

Measure Brand Perception with Spade Survey

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