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Spade survey offer broad range of Thailand market research services which cater to every business and data collection need. Our China market research services include qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Market Research & Data Collection Companies In Thailand

Thailand’s economy is the world’s 20th largest in terms of PPP GDP and the 27th largest in terms of nominal GDP. In the 1990s, it became a newly industrialised country and a major exporter. Manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism are the most important economic sectors. Thailand is considered as a regional and international middling power.

Thailand’s economy is primarily dependent on the export, with exports accounting for more than two-thirds of GDP. Industries include electric appliances, components, computer components, and vehicles. Tourism accounts for around 6% of the GDP. Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s most visited countries.

Spade Survey is one of Thailand’s leading market research companies. We are a full-service quantitative and qualitative market research fieldwork company dedicated to high-quality data collection and market research.

We are among Thailand’s best market research firms for finding hard-to-reach consumers and collecting high-quality data, and we have extensive experience applying appropriate methodologies across a wide range of industries, locations, and cultures. We consistently lead to the improvement of our clients’ businesses.

We execute the following types of Market Research and Data Collection Services In Thailand:

Face to Face Market Research  In Thailand Spade Survey has successfully conducted various F2F with consumers, decision makers, and healthcare professionals with its staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals in India, china, Saudi Arbia, USA, UK, Egypt, UAE, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Algeria, Morrocco or with the help of trusted partners.

We help our client in identifying the target market, understanding the perspectives and experiences of a specific industry or community, as well as providing insights and planning their approach.

Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI) In Thailand:

Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI):

Spade Survey is one of the leading providers of consumer, business-to-business, and healthcare online market research.With over 6 Lac Consumer and B2B panelists across 15+countries and more than 100,000+ Physicians of 50+ specialties across the globe makes us stand out amongst all.

In-Depth Interviews are a kind of qualitative data collection method which can be used to analyse, research, and study people’s perceptions, opinions, and reactions to a specific topic or situation. The questions are unplanned, open-ended, flexible, and continuous.

We at Spade Survey have conducted numerous IDIs in person and over the phone using difficult-to-reach respondents who have now been identified as potential sources of information, providing the researcher and respondent the opportunity to explore a topic within the parameters of the guided conversation.

Focus group discussions for consumers or businesses are being used by Spade Survey market research services to collect data and insights that are highly unpredictable to the provider.

When the goal of the investigation is to understand consumers’ or professionals’ opinions and gain in-depth insights which can be used to provide the client with data and better information to determine their strategy, focus group discussions are more successful.