Survey Sample

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Survey Sampling and Research

A survey sample is a way of gathering information from or about the participants of the population to infer the complete population. Spade Survey is working on this method for many years. We have expert professionals who understand the requirements of our clients and survey accordingly on the sample of the target population.
Surveys are important for both patients and healthcare providers to enhance communication and a better understanding of each other. We conduct online surveys and offline surveys for improving the efficacy of patient safety culture and employee satisfaction. Spade Survey is the one of the best data collection company, we collect data and analyse it have informed decision for our clients.

We provide perfect research reports to our clients so that they can easily make decisions for their business growth.

Healthcare Survey Panel

We have established and managed healthcare panels consisting of around 200,000 healthcare professionals from USA, China, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Morocco, Kuwait and Egypt. This healthcare survey panel include physicians, nurses, and other staff members of the healthcare industry. Our members of the healthcare panel are industry experts and have huge experience in the field of healthcare. These healthcare panel members work with us on different studies on numerous diseases. We also provide studies based on specific ailments on the targeted population. We have our proprietary healthcare panels in different countries such as healthcare panel in UAE, healthcare panel in KSA, and healthcare panel in Egypt, healthcare panel in Morocco, healthcare panel in USA, healthcare panel in China and India.

Healthcare Industry
Consumer panel

Consumer Panel

At Spade Survey, we target consumers from different industries such as travel, healthcare, consumer goods, IT, retail, automobiles, finance, etc. We research on different categories of consumers like freshers in college, new entrepreneurs, home buyers, numerous patients, and many more. We have consumer panel in Egypt and other countries also where we work on different groups of consumers to get perfect findings. We also provide consumer panel service in Morocco and our panelist group consists of more than 600,000 members in different countries.

B2B Panel

Providing business to business samples is one of the difficult tasks in the survey sample. However, Spade Survey has built our B2B survey panel in 2018, which is helping our clients in collecting data on various topics. We value the time and money of our clients and this is the reason we provide quality data every time to our clients with the help of our proprietary online b2b panel. If it is not possible to target respondents online, then we opt for another way of targeting respondents and we inform our clients about the same straightaway within budget.