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We provide a wide range of surveying services, utilizing both traditional and modern methodologies. Spade Survey offers comprehensive surveying, mapping, and geographic information system services, as well as competence in analysis methods and modeling tools.

GIS Land Survey Services in India | GIS Mapping Firm in India

Using geographical collection, mapping, and analysis to unlock the potential in the untapped market of geographical data for enabling informed decision-making.

Geographic information system (GIS) survey firm in India provide a centralized place for data collection and processing, which is essential for modern planning, surveying, and building services.

Professional surveyors can use GIS to improve survey accuracy while lowering costs. When you use Spade Survey for GIS survey services, you can be confident that we will collect reliable data and ensure the success of your project.

Spade Survey provides GIS-based surveying services to support highly specialised infrastructure or development projects, with the goal of delivering the best findings possible.

We have established ourselves as a leader in the field of Spatial Technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with an impressive track record of hundreds of successfully completed projects.


The Importance of GIS in Accurate Surveying

The surveying team of Spade Survey makes use of remote sensing and GIS. Better planning and resource management are made possible by GIS, along with quicker data collection. GIS property surveys can also increase accuracy in the following ways:

The surveying team of Spade Survey makes use of remote sensing and GIS. Better planning and resource management are made possible by GIS, along with quicker data collection. GIS property surveys can also increase accuracy in the following ways:

Proper background data is useful in making judgements about the viability of a new project. The physical geography and administrative borders found in GIS geographic records are crucial pieces of information that influence project outcomes.

Information sharing among team members is crucial for decision-making and problem-solving during construction. GIS provides team members with a centralised database resource that all group members can access and analyse during the planning process.

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Spade survey GIS specialists have the expertise to give the best surveys and GIS data for each project type.

What Are the Applications of GIS?

GIS gives survey results an additional layer of information. GIS is widely used by specialists in the sector, like Spade Survey, to manage natural resources and create models for water retention, soil erosion, and seismic hazards.


GIS additionally helps engineers in the planning and construction of roadways, tunnels, and sewer systems. GIS survey services in india can also be used for the following purposes:

GIS Surveying Services in India by Spade Survey

Our GIS surveying experience at Spade Survey includes graphical projection, satellite imaging, network mapping from base camp, geo-coding, and other services. Among our offerings are

Understanding and developing land projects require infrastructure mapping with the precise division of many vital locations. Property and utility mapping is necessary for ethnographic surveys and topographical mapping, both of which can lead to better infrastructure designs. We provide utility asset mapping, coding customer indexing, and utility cable routing as part of our comprehensive survey and GIS services.

With the help of our electrical infrastructure surveying, overhead or underground power lines and grid systems may be properly investigated and errors avoided. Our GIS surveying services can distinguish between industrial and home power lines.

With the help of detailed maps that show the geographic arrangement of both planned and current electrical infrastructure, we are able to provide precise surveys of an area’s electrical infrastructure. We survey unique consumer locations for electric utility companies using customer information and the electrical system network.

In order to identify areas and colour code them according to customer concentration, we do utility asset mapping. This can assist organisations in determining their objectives and areas of focus. If necessary, we can also carry out a full analysis to identify boundary and property boundaries.

Ground surveying is essential for many construction projects, including building highways, tunnels, dams, gas pipelines and city establishment.

Spade Survey can assist you with the mapping of cellular antennas by providing comprehensive GIS surveying services. The population and the surrounding environment may be impacted by cellphone antenna radiation. Our GIS surveying services assist you in identifying regions with the permitted population density as mandated by the national regulations of that particular country.

To produce precise base maps, we make use of georeferencing and satellite images. To give you the whole view, we also superimpose the network map over the base image. We are also proficient in geo-coding and entity data collection.

Services and Offering

Working in the poorly developed and underutilized Geographic Information System industry can be exceedingly tough and difficult. This is where our team of GIS specialists and geospatial consultants can help you construct an end-to-end integrated Geographic Information System for your organization.

Because GIS is still a developing technology system, organisations that are testing the waters or just getting started may want some support. We are here to assist you in identifying and analysing your business requirements, recommending solutions, assisting you in implementing those solutions, and consulting you so that you can make educated decisions.

Our GIS services in india include custom geospatial and GIS development for your team and organisation. Our GIS experts in india will conduct a GIS-focused assessment to determine best practises for your team and organisation.

Geographic data collection and its intelligent processing are crucial to using GIS to the benefit of your business. We at Spade Survey will help you in simplifying the way you capture that data and convert it from physical maps and integrations with GPS satellites, field computers and remote sensors.

Geospatial data is useless if it is not properly handled. Geoprocessing and geocoding are used to extract location intelligence from this raw data. We will explore automated and manual geoprocessing using geocoding methods to ease this burden off your shoulders.

The accuracy of the data your business initiative uses is just one of several elements that will determine its success. A GIS-based survey is important because it collects all the data in one platform.