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Agricultural, media, petrochemical imports, natural gas, and tourism are the pillars of Egypt’s economy; over than three million Egyptians work overseas, mainly in Libya, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and Europe. The completion of the Aswan Dam in 1970, and the resultant Lake Nasser, transformed the Nile River’s lengthy significance in Egypt’s agriculture and environment.

Spade Survey is one of Egypt’s top market research companies. We are a full-service quantitative and qualitative market research overseas company exposure to high data collection and market research.

In Egypt, Spade Survey has carried research studies both nationally and in major cities including Cairo and Alexandria. In most of the world’s most difficult-to-study countries, especially Egypt, we provide market and survey research services.

Spade Survey offers our clients powerful market and opinion research capabilities in extremely challenging environments by merging its expertise in research group and unique competence with difficult, logistically complex surveys. Spade survey provides our clients significant market and opinion research skills in extremely difficult circumstances by merging its expertise in opinion research and unique proficiency with difficult, logistically complex questions.

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Market Research Services includes:

Why Use Spade survey online panel in Egypt?

Spade survey owns a double opt-in online panel in Egypt recruited from multiple sources to be nationally representative and bias-free. The Spade survey and its associated online panels can only be used for market research .our market research panel is an or before group of respondents who have agreed to engage in market research projects, such as online surveys, in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups, chat rooms, or IHUTs.

In Egypt, the Spade survey includes a double opt-in online panel that was collected from a wide range of sources to guarantee that it was nationally representative and bias-free. Only market research is conducted using Spade survey and its associated online panels.

There was no need to focus on a particular Egypt city or province. You can interview people from all over Egypt with spade survey panel, which means a better sampling plan, better representation, and better data extension for your quantitative or qualitative research projects.

Your fieldwork costs are significantly reduced because surveys are self-administered. You can do agile research more regularly and with a larger sample that suits your needs.

You can reach thousands of respondents at a look using mobile and online technology, completing out your survey in hours and exceeding your quotas.

The content of your online surveys should not suffer greatly of lower costs. We take quality of the data very seriously at Spade Survey, and we also have a controlled and standard regulatory procedure for panel recruitment, panel management, and quality checks all through the market research survey.

We evaluate commitment and retention for each of the participants who will fill up your online surveys using our proprietary digital fingerprint technology and logic tests

Participants are the backbone of our company. Not only do we think mobile first for respondents at Spade survey, but we also design efficient and engaging research for our panelists.

Spade survey is one of the strongest online research companies in the world, with the highest response rates and satisfaction scores, thanks to our generous reward scheme that truly rewards responders for their work and resources.

PayPal, mobile top-ups, Transfer wise, wire transfers, or online vouchers all are options.