Collect Insights and Strategic Data with China Market Research

Spade survey offer broad range of China market research services which cater to every business and data collection need. Our China market research services include qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Market Research & Data Collection Companies In China

If you’re looking for Market Research services, it’s fair to assume you already recognize the importance of data in business. Data is helpful for measuring the strength and awareness of your brand, finding consumer behaviour or needs, predicting market response to new products, and trying to keep up with broader market changes and trends.

Good data provides better strategic planning, powerful enterprise improvements, the avoiding of danger, and the development of new directions and innovations. We give focus of the customer, the market, and ourself to the table.

In China, Spade Survey is a leading market research firm. We can bring you the data that needs thanks to our expertise and business experience. We’ve supported over 200 research companies around the world. It helps them reach real accomplishments. We fill the gap between customer and client by completing extensive market research and utilizing innovative marketing techniques to bring the market closest to you.

Market Research & Data Collection Companies In China

Gain insight and Strategic Data With China Market Research

Spade Survey offers a wide variety of China market research services to meet the needs of companies and data collectors. Qualitative and quantitative research methods have been used in our China market research services: Our package provides ad hoc research in China, agile research design, and flexible commitment methods, among several other services.                                                             

Moreover, our network extends across China. Every market research work may be conducted out in first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Shenzhen, and also second-tier cities including Dalian, Harbin, Xiamen, and Xi’an.


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Providing actionable insights into the Chinese market

Spade Survey final aim is to provide key drivers of growth to your operations in China. These include providing you with access to distribution networks and a clear vision on how to sell in China. We additionally strive to provide such a comprehensive overview of your competition framework and evaluate what can be your competitive advantage in China.Finally; our consumer panel research enables our team to provide useful information on your China target audience.

We identify your most important consumer segment targets such that you can customize your strategy to each one. The Spade survey team makes sure that the research results are actionable and decision-oriented in order to assist customers achieve business goals in China. Privately and during workshops with your team, results are critically analysed and always challenged. Above all, we emphasize on expanding on adaptable research designs and methodological processes. It allows our team to provide such a service that is customized to your needs instead of generic to the industry.

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Unique Methodologies for your Market Research in China

Primary and secondary data analysis, as well as a broad range of unique collection methods, all is elements of our market research services.

Our team will identify the most knowledgeable individuals to collect the data that has been considered important to your growth in China. Insider sample size and quality will be changed to best suit your information needs.

For identifying significant patterns, preferences, and needs of your primary consumer target, our team provides valuable and comprehensive data analysis and research.

The spade survey team will collect all available information and literature in your area of interest. Our researchers will analyze this secondary data from your perspective in order to provide actionable insights into Chinese market.

Our purpose is to acquire vital information that will help us understand your potential demand, target profile, competitive environment, and market trends in China.

We offer methodologies for analyzing Chinese consumers’ potential acceptance or response to post stimulation (food tasting for instance).

spade survey makes use of any data collection methods that are suitable for your specific need in China. Our team developed technological solutions to expand the scope of information available.