Spade survey provides global data collection, survey sampling and research support services


Global Data Collection

With online panel of more than 600,000 in USA, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and UAE, we conduct all types of fieldwork from recruitment only through to full management of study. We recruit many types of B2B professionals or consumers for a online quantitative survey or qualitative survey – IDIs, Groups, Triads, Diads or workshops in central venue or office. This can either be a location of your choice, or we can arrange this for you through our network of preferred venues

Sampling Services

Spade Survey provides sampling services to our clients. We help our client in targeting  most relevant respondents in universe

CATI services

CATI Services

Spade has been working with many market research and end clients for their CATI service requirement. We provide CATI services in more than 18 countries in the world

Research Support Services

Spade Survey provides research support services like survey programming, OE coding, data tabulation or data analytics with reporting in PowerPoint or Word format