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Spade Survey provide Respondents Recruitment Services , survey programming, data cleaning and analysis , Project Management services.



Research Support Services

Research support services are services that include personalized assistance and consultation throughout the whole research cycle. We have skilled professionals who have expertise in survey programming, data cleaning, analysis and other support services. We have been providing these services to our numerous clients across globe

Respondents Recruitment

Project Management

Survey Programming

Data Analysis


Respondents Recruitment Services:

Spade Survey is well-known for its high-quality panel recruitment services and market research recruiting services that we offer to our clients. We work on support services by recruiting respondents from our proprietary panels or we utilize our members from field teams to recruit target audience for our research project. We work hard to get the right respondents for our clients and we also utilize face to face methodology for this purpose.

Project Management:

Spade Survey is also known for its project management services that are very helpful in managing projects in different countries. We have a team of proficient members who have years of experience in providing project management services for our clients. The project management services offered by our team, by taking care of recruitment, incentives and managing projects. These services resolve issues when our clients execute their projects in multiple countries.

Survey Programming:

Survey-Programming spade
Spade Survey offers quality survey programming services at affordable prices. By this our clients have to concentrate only on results. Our experts will discuss your requirements and work accordingly by utilizing the latest techniques and industry-best survey programming software to provide advanced survey monitoring and management features.We offer you cost-effective, easy solutions ensuring the highest standards of quality, so you can focus on results. Our team will speak to you and will discuss your requirement and work accordingly. We go through the entire survey process including; brainstorming and review on the questionnaire design, survey programming, translation, and data processing. We use the latest techniques and industry recognized survey programming software which offers advanced survey monitoring and management features. By utilizing automation, dashboards, real-time reporting, and mobile optimization, our experienced team of Survey Programmers and Project Managers can provide you with a consultative approach to conduct the highest quality research.

Data Analysis

We utilize various analytical tools to deliver high-quality data analysis in research and manipulation of data. Our team members also have expertise in performing advanced statistical tests and analysis for data analysis for Windows. We have been working on advanced data analysis using advanced tools for many years for most of our clients. We are pleased to work to your tabulation specification and have a variety of analytical tools available for the manipulation of data. Tabular output may be produced in a variety of presentation styles and formats.
  • Tests of hypotheses and significance
  • Bi-variate analysis (correlation, regression, analysis of variance)
  • Multi-variate analysis (factor analysis, cluster analysis and more.)
  • Analyzing big data assets of a company
  • Creating algorithms to address data challenges
  • OE coding and tabulation
  • Visualizations
Data Analysis survey