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Best Market Research Companies in Switzerland

Best Market Research Companies in Switzerland

Table of Contents:

  • What is a Market Research Firm?
  • Services offered by Market Research Companies
  • Key factors to consider before selecting a marketing research company
  • Top Market Research Companies in Switzerland
  • How Spade Survey Works
  • Conclusion

Finding and leveraging industry trends before your competition requires extensive market research. But, let’s be honest: having top market research organizations on your sideways makes it much easier to make data-driven judgments.

If you have enough of searching through Switzerland of market research businesses, this article will point you in the right direction. These best market research businesses offer a variety of services to B2B and B2C brands, ranging from fully customised services to professional reporting on the most important themes to your target audience.

Market Research in Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the world’s strongest economies. Industries and trade are the country’s primary sources of revenue, while the bulk of the workforce is employed in the service or tertiary sectors of the economy.

Spade Survey is a top market research company in Switzerland. We are a full-service quantitative and qualitative market research Fieldwork Company dedicated to offering top-notch data gathering and market research services.

We are among the top market research companies in Switzerland for recruiting difficult-to-reach groups and collecting high-quality data, and we have extensive expertise in applying appropriate methodology across a wide range of industries, locations, and cultures. We regularly have an impact on the success of our clients’ businesses.

What is a Market Research Firm?

Market research companies collect and analyse data about customers, competitors, distributors, and other market participants.

Services offered by Market Research Companies

Market research agencies provide a wide range of services. Some of them are listed below:

-Examine the business’s problem places.

-Identify changing market trends, relevant business prospects, and prospective new areas for expansion.

-Identify the demands of present customers and assess the services given in comparison to competitors.

-Make reasonable preparations and educated decisions about the services.

-Set reasonable goals for your company’s expansion, sales, and new product launches.

Key Elements to Consider When Choosing Marketing Research Company

There are numerous factors to consider while deciding on the finest market research company for your organization. Here are a few:

Reputation and Credibility: There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the finest market research organisation for your business. Here are a few:

Knowledge of your industry: A market research agency with experience in your business can help. Industry expertise allows for more relevant insights and a faster grasp of your demands.

Research Methodologies: Understand the strategies and resources used by the company for research. Ensure that they are consistent with your objectives and the characteristics of your target audience.

Flexibility and Customization: Look for a business that will tailor its research strategy to your specific requirements. Don’t utilise one-size-fits-all solutions.

Data Accuracy and Quality: Data accuracy and quality are essential. Inquire about the company’s data collecting and integrity practices.

Technology and Innovation: A new research approach based on cutting-edge technology and innovative tools can produce more precise and efficient outcomes.

Client References: Request references from prior clients to obtain a first-hand view of their contacts with the research organization.

Top Five Market Research Companies in Switzerland

Market Research Company #1:Bixa:

Bixa is an award-winning market research studio delivering customer insights that matter — actionable data you can immediately apply to your business. Through qualitative and quantitative research, Bixa uncover deep audience insights that lead to radically intuitive experiences and clear, confident strategic business decisions.

Services: Market Research, Customer Research, User Experience, UX Research, Generation Z Research, Millennial Research, Contextual Interviews, Ethnography, Mobile Diary Studies, Journey Mapping, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Eye-tracking & Biometric Research, Customer Experience, CX, UX, Professional Speaking, and Workshops & Training

Company size: 11-50

Foundation Year: 2012

Address: Alexandria, Virginia


Market Research Company #2:Spade Survey

Spade Survey is a division of Spade Research, which was founded in 2011. Since then, Spade Survey has helped large and small businesses make informed decisions through market research. Spade Survey specializes in gathering both primary and secondary research data. Spade Survey commitment and experience in the US, Europe, Asia, and MENA markets allow them to deliver comprehensive solutions for qualitative and quantitative data collection needs.

Services: Online Research, Sample, Survey, Research Support, Quantitative Research Services, Qualitative Research Services, Social Research, Survey Programming, Online Research, Focus Groups, B2BResearch Services, Consumer Research Services (B2C) in India

Foundation Year: 2011

Company size: 11-50 employees

Address: #1108, Tower J, Ace City Noida Extension, Sector 1, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306


Market Research Company #3:Testing Time

Testing Time is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Testing Time specialises in the recruitment of test participants for qualitative and quantitative investigations. They frequently recruit for interviews, focus groups, and internet surveys. Their panel comprises of almost 80,000 people. They acquire new test users through online, offline, and phone marketing.

Services: user testing, test user recruitment, market research, user research, user experience, participant recruitment, ux design, test users, user centered design, ucd, ux research, study participants, research participants, testers, tester recruiting, testers recruiting, research recruiting, and user interviews

Company size: 11-50

Foundation Year: 2015

Address: 8001 Zurich, Switzerland


Market Research Company #4:GIM Suisse AG

GIM provides effective research. And GIM is always focused on your requirements and inquiries. They are constantly optimising procedures and project processes across the whole project life cycle. GIM conducts qualitative and quantitative research internationally with tremendous passion, both in Switzerland and abroad. The emphasis is on humans in all their facets.

GIM is a multi-specialist, which means we can provide the highest degree of knowledge for a variety of projects. Founded in 2005, we have over ten years of market research experience.

GIM Suisse is conveniently located in Zurich Enge and has its own studio completed with big rooms and one-way mirrors. GIM Suisse operates through a network that includes branches in Heidelberg (headquarters), Berlin, Lyon, Zurich, and Shanghai. This allows us to combine global research knowledge with local experience.

Services: Market Research, Consumer Insights, B2B / B2C, Qualitative Research, Health, Finance, Food, Media, Home & Technology, Insurance, Customer Experience, User Experience, Customer Journey

Company size: 11-50

Foundation Year: 2005

Address: 8001 Zurich, Switzerland


Market Research Company #5:Intervista

Intervista was founded in 2010 and is a full-service organization that provides high-quality, personalized market research solutions, with a focus on quantitative and qualitative internet research. Intervista provides comprehensive solutions from a single source and establishes solid decision-making foundations through our many years of expertise, excellent methodological understanding, and utilization of cutting-edge technologies.

Intervista does not leave its clientele with unanswered questions. Market research is more than just data delivery; our clients enjoy our practical and psychologically sound techniques. Intervista is devoted to the highest quality standards, from project planning and conceptualization to research implementation and data processing, to follow-up client consulting based on the insights gathered.

Services: Market Research, Consumer Insights, B2B / B2C, Qualitative Research, Health, Finance, Food, Media, Home & Technology, Insurance, Customer Experience, User Experience, Customer Journey, Personas

Company size: 11-50

Foundation Year: 2005

Address: 8001 Zurich, Switzerland


How Spade Survey Works

Switzerland is recognized as a key market in Europe, with new services and technological items frequently presented and tested ahead of national releases elsewhere. This could be attributed to cultural differences resulting from the country’s linguistic variety.

Market research firms in Switzerland do extensive study and report on a number of markets. These companies also analyze market activity to provide businesses with tailored market insights and fresh viewpoints on their own marketing initiatives. Reports, infographics, and other ad hoc deliverables are used to highlight insights. Market research services in Switzerland often compensate a consumer panel of market research participants for their assistance in gaining market-related insights.

Spade survey offers Quantitative Qualitative Research Services for the consumer, B2B, healthcare, and other industries. Spade survey may help you stay competitive by providing comprehensive insight into the business landscape via market opportunity research, competitor analysis, and market intelligence, among other services.


To summarise, the market research industry in Switzerland is very competitive, with a diverse range of enterprises offering useful insights and data to businesses of all kinds. The top ten market research businesses in Switzerland are industry leaders, delivering high-quality research and analysis to help their clients make educated business decisions.

These companies collect data and insights through a range of approaches, including surveys, focus groups, and data analysis. They serve a wide range of industries, from consumer goods and retail to banking and healthcare, and provide a number of services, including custom research and syndicated reports.

Most market research firms use standard qualitative and quantitative methods, including interviews and surveys, although more modern techniques are also growing prominent.

Companies are also starting to use current AI-powered data analysis to uncover hidden insights in massive databases. As a result, market research firms can now give more accurate, timely, and complete data to their clients.

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