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Best Market Research Companies in the USA

Best Market Research Companies in the USA

Market research is the process of gathering and analysing data about a market, its customers, and its competitors. Its goal is to provide valuable insights that can help businesses make better decisions and better understand the market and their customers.

In this article, we will look at the top ten most promising market research firms in the United States for 2023. These firms have built a reputation for providing accurate and actionable insights to help businesses make sound decisions.

Why Market Research is important

Going to a market research firm is an important step in ensuring your company’s success. They can give you the information you need to make an educated decision about your product or service. They can also assist you in better understanding your target audience and developing strategies to keep you ahead of the competition.

Market research can be qualitative or quantitative, and it can be carried out using a variety of techniques such as surveys, focus groups, online analytics, and secondary research (research using existing data sources). Market research findings can be used to inform product development, marketing strategies, and sales efforts.

There are numerous reasons why you should consult with a market research firm. They can assist you in understanding your

  • The primary audiences,
  • Keep track of customer satisfaction.
  • Collect feedback on your product or service.

Top 10 Data Collection Companies in India

Nowadays, gathering data is actually done as part of developing a company’s marketing plan. To survive its competitors and carve out a distinct position for the business in the market, a company needs the right data.

Top Market Research Companies in the USA

It’s crucial to select a market research firm in the USA with a solid reputation. To find out what other people are saying about various businesses’ services, you can read online reviews of those businesses.

The market research sector in the United States is expanding quickly. The industry is filled with many new players, and the competition is fierce. But some businesses continue to stand out from the crowd.

Look at the Top USA Market Research Firms:


Bixa is one of the award-winning market research companies bringing customer insights for their clients who need to capture attention, influence the audience, and transform the business. They offer brands the quantitative and qualitative edge so they can make clear, focused business decisions.

The company delivers satisfactory results for the client’s business through in-depth interviews, video diary studies, ethnography, UX testing, and quantitative surveys.

Founded In: 2012

Services: Market Research, Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Data Collection, UX Testing, quantitative surveys


2.Spade Survey

Spade Survey provides data collection services for the business to help in decision-making for the best business results. They recruit panellists’ through their website, different digital marketing campaigns as well as recruitment drives. Spade Survey has a network of partners with them who help them to get more reach. They have various global panels in the industry involving consumers, businesses, patients, healthcare professionals, and hard-to-reach audiences overall in MENA regions with the USA.

Founded in: 2011

Services: Online Market Research, Data Collection, Survey Sampling, Survey Programming, Market Research Support Services


3.Lux Insights

Lux Insights is a well-known boutique market research agency. Their offices are in Vancouver city. They are an award-winning company for qualitative excellence in North America however; half of our business is quantitative. They cross all industries and their clients include Nintendo, Amazon, and Nature’s Path.

Founded in: 2009

Services: Qualitative analysis, Quantitative analysis, Brand Positioning


4.Leede Research

Leede Research for more than 25 years, leaders at top companies have relied on their creative problem-solving expertise to uncover the insights needed to market with confidence. The Company provides excellent recruitment for any quantitative and qualitative methodology. They are providing a complete service market research firm with many years of experience with ethnographic research, qualitative research, and usability testing.

Founded In: 1997

Services: Qualitative Research, Ethnography, Online Recruitement, Panels & Audiences Quantitative Research.


5.Appledore Research

Appledore Research is a Market Research organization and has headquarters in Boston city. They have 1-10 employees in their company. They are dedicated to the telecom industry.  Appledore Research Company helps you navigate speedy changes in technology and their service provision and operational practices to positively covert and grow your business.  They think differently, challenge the status quo and identify the best ways forward.  The Company wants its customers to be succeeded.

Foundation Year: 2014

Service: Cloud Computing, OSS and BSS, Market research, Customer Experience Analytics, Telecommunication, 5G, Cloud Native, Forecasting, Edge Compute.


6.Burke, Inc.

Burke is a leading company with complete service marketing research and decision Support Company. They are objectives-driven focused high-quality standards as well as advanced analytical techniques and leading-edge technology enable them to provide actionable decision support solutions to clients worldwide. The Market Research Company shares its best practices in consumer insights and market research through courses conducted by its educational group.

Founded in: 1931

Services: Service Development, research, and development, Market Segmentation, Research Education, Data analysis, and Data Collection.



Cypris is an independent Market Research company. It has headquarters in New York. They have 11-50 employees in their firm. A company that wants to participate in the evolution of its market must first identify that evolution in real time. Their well-organized interface does not need hours of training. They provide AI tools that you can’t find anywhere else. You can simply browse data through their Innovation Dashboard or able to work with an analyst.

Founded in: 2019

Service: Business Development and Market Research, custom Reports, API, and Data Monitoring.



GfK is a market research company engaged in conducting customer response tests, offering data as well as analysis of consumer purchasing behavior. They also track retail sales data for their consumer technology products.

They provide the world’s largest retail panels for technical consumer commodities as well as user experience, research, and design for a greater number of devices and interfaces.

Founded in: 2018

Services: retail panels, custom research business, research, and design


9.Fluent Research

Fluent Research is a Market Research company that uses attentive methodologies as well as cutting-edge technologies to meet a wide range of business requirements. They are a data and insights-driven strategic consulting firm that considers Public opinion, market research, and consumer insights. They are an amalgamation of intellectual rigor and street smarts, analytical elegance straight talk, and analytical elegance, also a steady focus on their clients’ ROI.

Founded in: 2006

Services:  video production, public opinion, and market research, user experience/UI and UX, evaluation and impact assessments, quantitative and qualitative research, needs assessments, brand positioning content analysis, ethnographic research,


10.Communications for Research

(CFR) Communication for Research Company works with research and insights. The marketing pros plan as well as execute research logistics also consulting. They provide clarity in the data collection and an outcome that sets you up to succeed in making an impact.

Their expertise adaptability, and proven research logistics process eliminate uncertainty and help to find an innovative idea through their research.

Founded in: 1997

Services: Online Survey, B2B Customer Research, Designs, Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection, and Data Analysis.



Market research firms help businesses understand their markets, customers, competitors, and industry trends. High-quality research will reveal information about current customers and will aid in the targeting of new customers.

Spade Survey is the Best Market Research Company in the USA that will help you understand your market from the inside out. They assist you in learning about product increases, pricing, the scope of growth, how to enter the market and compete. Spade Survey provides these details in its report to ensure the business’s path ahead is clearly laid out in front of it. Spade survey is a top market research firm in the USA that specialises in both qualitative and quantitative research.

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