Facebook Launches Viewpoints, A Market Research App To Analyze Data Insights

Facebook wants to better understand how the use of social media like Facebook is impacting people’s well-being, so they are launching the Well-Being Survey.
Everything seems to indicate that Facebook wants to give some of its benefits to its users, as the social network launched a new market research app called Facebook Viewpoints That will profit people over 18 for participating in market surveys, market research, and market tasks.
The goal of the social network with this app is to obtain genuine responses from the customers who are going to generate the use of this new platform in order to better products such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other services.




Similar, as reported, it will be possible to earn money using this application, Facebook has already confirmed that users “cannot live on this”, that is, it cannot be taken as a formal job.

The procedure of the app will be very simple. Users will get invitations from time to time to participate in different survey programs. The company will indicate what user information they will use, how they will do it. And how much points they will receive for their participation in the survey program.

In addition, Facebook Viewpoints will inform these users how many points they will to receive a payment, as well as alert them when they reach the points essential to receive the payment in question.


Once a certain amount of points has been increased. A charging process will start in the app itself. The payments of these prizes will be through Paypal. So it will be essential to have an account to be able to withdraw money from the new Facebook platform.

We still do not know which countries will be able to use the application to earn money. Because at the moment it is only accessible in the United States. Similarly, Facebook has confirmed that it will be launched in other markets.

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