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Tips to Choose the Best Market Research Firm in Indonesia

Table of Content:

  • Market Research Indonesia: Why Do You Need It?
  • Market Research Expert Tips to Choose the Best Market Research Company in Indonesia
  • Conducting Market Research in Indonesia with Spade Survey
  • Conclusion

Market Research Indonesia: Why Do You Need It?

It’s no secret that Indonesia is the place to be for market research analysis. Indonesia, ranked sixth among developing countries, has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, with an annual GDP growth rate of roughly 6%.
Indonesia’s GDP, per capita disposable income, and purchasing power are all increasing steadily. This has resulted in increasing demand for consumer products. The long-term forecast for Indonesian consumer spending is good, despite considerable structural uncertainties.

Before entering a new market, you must have a thorough understanding of it. A successful market entry strategy typically includes thorough market research to better grasp the local market’s features and potential.

How to Choose the Best Market Research Company

Are you looking for practical insights into consumer behavior or a thorough competitor analysis?

When you require more in-depth insights than internal information, secondary data sources, and market research platforms such as Answer the Public, Google Trends, and Typeform, a market research agency can assist you.

It is widely recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate. So the challenge is to identify the correct market research company in Indonesia that examines your specific research requirements and tailors the market research method to your business goals.

Such a company not only allows you to collaborate with a professional market research firm in Indonesia, but also tailors required services to your specific business requirements.

Expert Tips to Choose the Best Market Research Company Indonesia

Tip #1: Specialization in one or two primary areas of market research

When choosing a market research services in Indonesia, look for a professional firm that specialises in market research as its primary function, with expertise in one or two specific areas. A competent market research firm is agile, cost-effective, and responsive, with the capacity to transform a wide range of data into important insights and deliver irrefutable conclusions.

Tip #2: Credibility and diversity

Conferences, direct recommendations, online directories, and online searches are all ways to find a company with a solid reputation in the market research field. A reputable market research firm with a good portfolio is more likely to match your objectives while staying within your budget and schedule limits.

Furthermore, a friendly and flexible organisation promotes healthy diversity and inspires trust at every chance to provide exceptional customer service, from marketing messages and phone encounters to personal client meetings.

Tip #3 Client Focus

A great market research company will have a solid reputation for dependability and consistency. You may verify this attribute by reading reviews, reading testimonials, and even personally contacting organizations that have previously utilized the firm and were pleased with the results.

Then, contact the references and ask how they used the research. A reputable research agency will gladly connect you with delighted clients who use their research to make informed judgments.

Tip #4 Research methodologies

An experienced market research firm in Indonesia specialises in a number of research procedures and has access to a wide range of market research tools. Because ambiguous research objectives or data misinterpretation might result in unfavourable outcomes and poor business decisions, it is critical to choose a company with strong market research capabilities.

Tip #5 Actionable insights

A great market research business will also provide practical insights. When chatting with prospective firms, inquire about how their research will help you make a decision.
Choose a corporation that creates objectives to support your decision-making. Is their goal simply to conduct a brand awareness survey for you, or do they want to understand your company’s overall brand health in order to identify the best opportunities for you to boost awareness and conversion?

Tip #6 Data Collection and Analysis Methodologies

Because the research will be used to make significant decisions, you should use a company that understands how to collect high-quality, dependable data. A smart technique to evaluate a firm’s expertise is to inquire which data collecting and analysis methodologies are best suited to your goals.
Any company worth your money will be able to explain why in-depth interviews may be more appropriate for your purposes than a quantitative survey, or how a MaxDiff analysis might help you determine which features to include in a product. They will also be able to explain how they scrutinise respondent data to ensure its highest quality.

Tip #7 Market Research Team

ffective communication is an essential component of any successful business partnership. You may determine whether prospective firms have this characteristic by asking how they communicate with clients during the research project and how they present their findings and recommendations.
Are they attentive, friendly, and willing to answer inquiries and explain their procedures? Additionally, how do they handle misunderstandings or disagreements? Studies and surveys can take weeks or even months, so choose a firm with whom you can work happily and successfully for the period.

Tip #8 offers more value than the fee.

Market research is beneficial to the growth and profitability of manufacturers and suppliers, but it demands an initial investment. It’s critical to pick a service that offers greater value than the amount they charge. Smaller organisations or start-ups may be able to deliver market research solutions in Indonesia at a cheaper cost but with limited value.

For example, if you work with a lesser-known firm or one that does not specialise in your area, you will spend more time educating them about your market, its difficulties and trends, your buyer profiles, and so on.

Conducting Market Research in Indonesia with Spade Survey

Looking for the best market research firm in Indonesia? Spade Survey is ready to assist you in revealing the market dynamics.

Our dedicated researchers will provide extensive information about your customers and competitors. We not only supply statistics, but we also provide ways for growing your business.

We have a strong staff of experienced market researchers in Indonesia who specialise in primary and secondary market research, as well as other specific areas of expertise. Our consulting services are accessible on a continuous or project basis.

We’ve collaborated with a diverse range of clients from around the world on a variety of research projects in industries such as building, infrastructure, and energy.

Our emphasis on client satisfaction, quality, and timeliness drives us to continually strive to be the preferred market research partner in Indonesia.

Our professionals empower you by delivering market research analysis, allowing you to make educated business decisions. So, are you prepared to take your business to the next level?

Contact Spade Survey to schedule a free consultation.


There are various elements to consider when choosing a service to help you with market research. Before you enter into a partnership, you should evaluate each prospect to guarantee they have the credibility, services, knowledge, resources, and quality controls to help you get the most out of your research project.

The Spade Survey has over 20 years of expertise conducting specialised market research for healthcare, education, information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, tours, and travel, with over 50 research projects completed. This area of expertise ensures that you receive proven research solutions and insightful data to help you make the best business decisions.

You must consider the accurate review of a wide range of market research firms in Indonesia. Choosing a market research business necessitates patience, planning, and a clear strategy.

Follow the tips provided in this post to choose the best market research company for your next project!

Get in touch to learn more about Spade Survey’s automated market research techniques!

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