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Top 5 Market Research Companies in Malaysia

Top 5 Market Research Companies in Malaysia

Table of Contents:

  • Market Research in Malaysia
  • How Do Market Research Companies in Malaysia Works?
  • Top 10 Market Research Companies in Malaysia
  • How Spade Survey Works
  • Conclusion

Malaysia has the perfect location for medical device producers, distributors, and investors to access new markets in Southeast Asia and beyond. By utilizing data-driven techniques and substantial expertise from several fields, we can help prospective customers and investors navigate the intricate details of the Malaysian healthcare system and identify the most promising opportunities for expansion.

In this blog post, we’ll examine five market research companies that help companies of all sizes and industries better understand their target markets and provide incentives for conducting research.

Whether you’re searching for competition intelligence, market segmentation, or consumer insights, these firms offer the know-how to deliver insightful results that inspire more research and creativity.

Market Research in Malaysia

Market research helps in improving your knowledge of your target audience by methodically obtaining and assessing data on your clientele. To help you make better decisions about your operations, target market, and business plans, it also entails investigating competitors and market trends.

Malaysia is located in the continental area of Asia. It is also a part of an enormous archipelago that extends westward from New Guinea and the Philippines to Sumatra. For this reason, Malaysia acts as a bridge connecting the islands to mainland Asia. It also acts as a gateway to the Indian Ocean and the China Sea. Because of its location, Malaysia is extremely valuable to both Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Spade Survey is among the leading Market Research Companies in Malaysia specialized in Asia & International Market Research and Data Collection Services. We are a full-service market research firm in Malaysia that offers both qualitative and quantitative research. We do research to gain customer insights, and then use our analysis and experience to provide meaningful, practical, and occasionally inspired recommendations.

How Do Market Research Companies in Malaysia Works?

Defined as a systemized process of gathering data from the target market and customers, market research plays a huge role in how companies can transform businesses successfully. Integral in determining if products or services are viable and if it’s something potential customers will buy, it helps you as the owner to make decisions on whether to launch it or look for other business opportunities.

Even major corporations do not forego this process and work with market research companies because of all the benefits they can get from it. When collecting data internally or through the assistance of a firm, the whole process involves:

  • Identifying the purpose of the research
  • Collecting and assessing the data from the market
  • Analysing and interpreting the data assessed earlier
  • Forwarding the final report to the client company

Business to business marketing research makes it possible for you to gather information and connect with your customers as you learn who they are, their wants and needs, their perceptions, their frustrations, etc.

List of the Top Market Research Companies in Malaysia

Here are some top market research firms that can assist you in expanding your view of the media and competitor landscape surrounding your company.

Market Research Company #1: TQPR Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Total Quality Public Relations (TQPR) Malaysia is the best market research company in Malaysia an independent strategic communications consultancy. TQPR based in Kuala Lumpur has offices in Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, with affiliates throughout Southeast Asia.

It is also a member of The Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s largest alliance of independent public relations firms. For over 25 years, TQPR has been connecting businesses with Malaysian audiences. TQPR Malaysia is extremely adaptive, versatile, and responsive when clients require it. Total Quality Public Relations (TQPR) is a strategic communications consulting firm.

Services: Public Relations and logistical Support for PR Agency, Branding & PR for Telecommunications Company, PR Services for Convention Center

Foundation Year: 1995

Company Size: 2-9 employees

Address: Plaza Damas, L-2-9 Plaza Damas, 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Market Research Company #2.Spade Survey

Spade Survey is a global market research firm in Malaysia that excels in market analysis and strategy reports. Spade Survey in-depth research and analysis are invaluable for companies looking to expand into new markets or adapt their strategies to stay competitive and thrive in an ever-changing global economy.

Spade Survey research methodologies and international presence make them a reliable partner for businesses seeking to build strong customer relationships and make data-driven decisions.  

Services Online Research, healthcare panel, Sample, Survey, physician panel, Research Support, Fieldwork in the Philippines, and fieldwork in Malaysia

Company size: 11-50 employees

Foundation Year: 2011

Address: Spade Survey, Office No – 1209, 12th Floor, Gaur City Mall, Sector 4, Greater Noida West, UP-201306.


Market Research Company #3 : METRIX RESEARCH SDN BHD

Metrix Research is a top market research company in Malaysia that provides marketing research and business intelligence solutions. Their goal has always been to provide better focus to clients and to redefine how research is to be approached.

They believe that a research agency should never function like a factory with robots that monotonously churn out mindless data. Instead, they believe, as a research specialist, it is their mission to see beyond data and unearth great insights.

At METRIX Research, they don’t let research remain at the grey data stage. Instead, they take it further and transform it into colourful solutions.

Services: Industrial /Business Research, Marketing research, Social and Political Research, Shopping research

Foundation Year: 2002

Company size: 40 employees

Address : METRIX RESEARCH SDN BHD (638135-M) No. 9.07, Level 9, The Heritage House,No. 33 Jalan Yap Ah Shak, 50300 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia


Market Research Company # 4: Acorn Marketing & Research Consultants (M) Sdn Bhd

ACORN is one of the best market research companies in Malaysia. They are equipped with multi-disciplinary skills, enabling them to approach issues with a multi-dimensional perspective. Their growth in almost thirty years has been attributed to our commitment to think together with clients. For this reason, they have gained a reputation for quality, insightful, actionable research for marketing decisions. They provide confidence to clients to grow in their business and come in the top 10 market research company in Malaysia

Services: Market Segmentation Study, Brand Equity Study, Brand and Ad Monitoring, Product Values Probe, Product Acceptance Test, Pricing Research, Communication Concept Research, Conjoint Modelling, Mobile and online surveys, Brand Strategy Development, Brand Activation — internal brand alignment, marketing communications, brand guidelines

Foundation Year: 1986

Company Size: 64 employees

Address: Lot 12-01, 12th Flr., Blk. B, HP Towers,12, Jalan Gelenggang, Damansara Heights

50490 KUALA LUMPUR W. Persekutuan Malaysia


Market Research Company #5: Central Force International Sdn Bhd

Central Force launched as a tiny team of five in 1996 and has grown to more than 50 permanent employees and over 200 part-time employees. Central Force operates two call centers, each of which can accommodate up to 80 CATI stations at any given time. To suit your every fieldwork demand, Central Force also offers its own on-premise data centre, as well as focus group and event hall facilities.

As the best market research company in Malaysia that has a proven track record of delivering quality and consistent data. Their team is highly experienced in conducting a variety of data collection methods, including CATI, CAPI, in-depth interviews, Focus groups, Ethnography, Diary, Assisted Shopping, and Mystery Shopping  amd many more. As a member of ESOMAR, Market Research Society Malaysia, and the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association, Central Force is proving themselves as the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in the industry.

Services: Agriculture, Healthcare / Pharmaceutical Business-to-business, Concept development & Strategy, Concept Testing, Public Opinion Research, Retail Research, Mystery Shopping, Data Collection / Field Service, Field Department – Independent, Qualitative, Focus groups, Quantitative, CAPI, CATI

Foundation Year: 1996

Company Size: 50 Employees

Address: CENTRAL FORCE INTERNATIONAL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


How Spade Survey Help

We recognize the worth of being the best source of information about your position relative to your market and competitors as one of the top market research companies in Malaysia.

According to the Spade Survey, the marketing strategy of a company needs a strong base that is produced by strategic analysis and research. The first step in the approach taken by the Best Market Research Consultants in Malaysia, like Spade Survey, is to get a thorough grasp of which you are, what you offer, and why prospective clients need to choose you over your rivals. Our marketers will thoroughly research your firm, its offerings, competitors, and the market in order to create a winning marketing plan for you.

Market research consulting firms may be able to help you gain a greater understanding of the target industry through data analysis and the production of significant insights into the market position. It provides company owners with a thorough grasp of the sector by gathering data from the ground up.

Developing an in-depth understanding of your market will assist you in designing a marketing campaign that will successfully attract potential customers. Understanding your market will enable you to create and launch goods that will meet its demands. More importantly, by conducting market research, you may precisely understand the market segments that comprise your clientele.


We reviewed the Top 5 Market Research Companies in Malaysia that offer the best services worldwide. Market research firms provide numerous advantages to businesses by utilizing rewards and incentives across divisions. Market research may help firms make educated decisions, manage risks, and improve overall performance by analysing customer behavior and spotting market opportunities.

Companies may remain ahead of their competition, innovate their products and services, and improve consumer satisfaction by harnessing the expertise of market research organisations. Market research is a critical instrument that businesses should not disregard in today’s competitive business world.

If you’re looking for top market research companies in Malaysia, Spade Survey is one of the leading market research firms that work with businesses all around the globe, including MENA, South Asia, and the Americas. Our fact-based research studies provide strategic guidance to our clients, and we can produce research reports in brief, simply consumable versions as well as full-length, extensive reports based on your needs.

Contact us right away if you want to learn more about our services and how we can help your company.

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