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Top 5 Market Research Companies in Sweden

Top 5 Market Research Companies in Sweden

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  • Top 5 Market Research Companies in Sweden
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Market research services in Sweden

Market research services help organizations identify opportunities.Market research firms in Sweden provide precise and absolute market knowledge derived from big data. Spade Survey works exclusively with organizations looking for personalized guidance across cultures and markets.

Market research experts in Sweden provide in-depth market research services and reports on a variety of markets. Find the best market research service in India that meets your company’s growth requirements and let us handle the rest.

The primary goal of market research companies in Sweden is to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Because a product will rarely appeal to every customer equally, a thorough market research study can help identify the primary market segments and demographics most likely to purchase a certain product.

Spade survey team can deliver high-quality services by adhering to a specific pattern while yet remaining adaptable and versatile. Each of our clients receives our undivided attention and full involvement. Spade Survey will assist your firm to thrive if you take the appropriate activities after receiving the research findings.

If the company is considering rebranding, establishing a presence in Sweden’s new market, or monitoring specific data, Spade Survey should be the go-to market research service provider in Sweden.

Top Five Market Research Companies in Sweden

Here are list of best market research companies in Sweden that can assist you in expanding your view of the media and competitor landscape surrounding your company.

1. CCL Swedish Moderators AB

CCL Swedish Moderators AB continues to investigate human behaviour. Currently, there is a greater emphasis on online/AI digital methods to ensure both health and quality. Respondents and interviewers can participate, for example, via video call or an online forum. CCL Swedish Moderators AB continues to perform Face-to-Face Qual, while ensuring that it is both safe and relevant to the current circumstances. 

Working on the current issues faced by major brands and disruptive newcomers from a wide range of industries, including FMCG, Gaming, Telecom/IT, Automotive, Retail, Finance, Services, B2B, Public, and Tourism. Combining traditional methodologies with the digital and AI toolkits. Providing deep qualitative insights and hands-on guidance in a world of Big Data Information Overload.

Services: Qualitative Research, Customer Insights, Focus Groups, Ethnography, In-depth Interviews, Online/digital Research, and Training and Certification

Foundation Year: 2015

Company Size: 2-10 employees

Address:Swedish Moderators Pluralis, Kungsgatan 29 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden

2. Spade Survey

Spade Survey is a division of Spade Research, which was founded in 2011. Since then, we have helped large and small businesses make informed decisions through market research. We specialize in gathering both primary and secondary research data. Our commitment and experience in the US, Europe, Asia, and MENA markets allow us to deliver comprehensive solutions for qualitative and quantitative data collection needs.

Services:Online Research, Sample, Survey, Research Support, Quantitative Research Services, Qualitative Research Services, Social Research, Survey Programming, Online Research, Focus Groups, B2BResearch Services, Consumer Research Services (B2C) in India

Foundation Year:2011

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Address:#1108, Tower J, Ace City Noida Extension, Sector 1, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306

3.Eedo AB

Eedo is an independent market research organization headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, with offices in Munich, Germany, and Sydney, Australia. Eedo are fieldwork specialists, working within the pharmaceutical field across Europe with a focus on the Nordic Region, Benelux, Austria & Switzerland. Due to high demand they have recently added Australia as the newest market they cover.

As fieldwork specialists, they are experts in using both quantitative and qualitative methods to service our clients’ individual needs and requirements. Years of   experience on the team help us tailor each project according to specified parameters as well as to provide clients with our own input based on local knowledge, ensure the successful completion of the clients’ projects.

Services:Market Research, Fieldwork, Analysis/ reporting, and Translation

Foundation Year:2013

Company Size: 2-10 employees

Address: Järntorget 6, 413 04 Göteborg, Sweden

4. PFM Research

PFM Research i Sverige AB offers a broad range of data collection services. PFM Research assists you in gathering feedback from your consumers, workers, and stakeholders about your brand, allowing you to make informed decisions.

In 1999, the Jönsson family acquired PFM Research i Sverige AB. At the time, the company had two customers and annual revenue of somewhat more than SEK 1 million. After 23 years, they are a well-established survey company in Sweden, with thirteen permanent workers and annual sales revenue of SEK 45 million.

PFM Research i Sverige AB’s main focus is data collection. Their clients include some of Sweden’s most well-known survey companies and opinion institutions, all of which require high-quality data.

They value quality when it comes to data collection. They recognize that a survey should always be based on the highest possible data quality. Otherwise, it will not reflect reality and will not serve as a credible basis for decision-making in the manner intended.

Services:Data collection, Telephone interviews, CATI, Web interviews, Focus groups, Face2Face interviews, Postal surveys, Market surveys, Brand surveys, Customer surveys, Employee surveys, Media surveys, Advertising surveys, Opinion surveys, Tracking survey, Product tests, Taste tests, Market Research

Foundation Year:1999

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Address:Klammerdammsgatan 2, SE-302 42 Halmstad, Sweden

5. Origo Group

Every day, the Origo Group provides society and business with a firm platform for informed decision-making, enabling meaningful change and progress. They envision a brighter future, with a stronger society and business. Origo Group strives to be the leading research firm in the Nordic region.

The Origo set, the Asian Subsidiary of Simay Investments, was created in 2005 and serves as the umbrella organisation for a diverse group of companies dedicated to developing Southeast Asia and forging successful relationships both locally and internationally.

Origo Group operates in a wide range of industries, including real estate, master franchising, internet technology, telecommunications, mobile value-added services and content, emerging media, energy and environmental solutions, mining, military training and equipment, agriculture consulting, medical and pharmaceutical, commodities, and trade.

Origo Group also represents global firms that want to enter or expand within Southeast Asia’s booming markets. They have deep knowledge of deal-making, local markets, and local business procedures, all of which are required to operate successfully in developing markets. They assist firms in developing the original contract and managing it throughout time.

Services:telecom, trade, on line business solutions, and training

Foundation Year:2005

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Address:Origo group, 11123 Stockholm, Sweden


How Spade Survey Works

Spade Survey is a leading market research company in Sweden that specializes in Swedish and international market research and data collection services. We are a full-service market research firm in Sweden that conducts both qualitative and quantitative research.

We are one of Sweden’s leading market research businesses, specializing in automotive, consumer, healthcare, travel, and tourism market research and data collection services. Our team specializes in focus groups, IDI, tracked online CAPI, CAWI, CATI, and market research surveys.

However, market research can be major. It can reveal the unpleasant truth about your business model being obsolete or ineffective. In such cases, you can rely on us to show you what modifications need to be made to get back on track.


There are numerous effective market research companies in Sweden that may assist startups in gaining useful insights into their target market. Whether you require online surveys, focus groups, or data analysis, these companies can offer you with the resources and skills you need to make an informed decision.

In a competitive business atmosphere, access to reliable, fast, and relevant market intelligence is critical. The top five market research companies in Sweden listed above have continuously proved their ability to provide insights that drive business success. Five diverse market research firms, each have a unique approach to assisting brands by removing perception from decision-making.

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