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Best Market Research Companies in Europe

Best Market Research Companies in Europe

In today’s growing world of competition, every company needs comprehensive market research to understand consumer behaviour, identify market opportunities, and make data-driven decisions. Europe is home to the leading market research companies in the world. The best market research companies in Europe are known for their innovative methodologies, extraordinary data collection capabilities, and comprehensive expertise in analysis. With the utilization of these market research companies, businesses can understand the complexities of different markets, uncover data-driven insights, and develop strategies that are useful for growth and profitability.

Whether you are a startup looking to launch a new product or an experienced player in the market looking to expand your business, partnering with a market research company is always beneficial and required to succeed.

Top Five Market Research Companies in Europe


Ipsos is a global market research company that offers a wide range of customizable services, including consumer surveys, brand tracking, product testing, and public opinion polling. With its extensive global reach and expertise, Ipsos helps businesses make informed decisions through deep insights and data analysis​.

2.Spade Survey:

 Spade Survey is one of the top market research agencies in Europe which is known for its comprehensive industry research and strategic consulting services. This company utilizes both qualitative and quantitative approaches to provide detailed market analysis and growth strategy. Because of its different market research approach, this company focuses on the latest market trends, innovation opportunities, and data-driven actionable insights. Their expertise in global data collection and market insights allows them to provide accurate and actionable data for clients​. They offer robust solutions for both primary and secondary research in this sector, making them a trusted partner for many top healthcare companies globally. The company prides itself on its excellent reputation, built through flexibility, reliability, and a professional approach.


Kantar is a recognised name in the market research industry. This market research firm in Europe offers services that include media efficiency, brand guidance, shopper insights, and inventive excellence. The unique approach of this company helps businesses understand and leverage their brand equity and gain in-depth insights into consumer behaviour and retail aspects.


Gartner is known for its expertise in technology-related research. This company primarily provides strategic insights into investments made in IT companies, marketing plans, and supply chain management. Using the advisory services of this company, many businesses have benefitted in anticipating customer needs in this speedily changing market.


Mintel is another market research firm that provides market research services in Europe. It excels in providing market analysis, consumer insights, and prediction across different sectors. These sectors include finance, consumer goods, and automotive. This company is well-known for its comprehensive reports and deep understanding of the industry. Hence, it contributes to making strategic decisions, developing new products, and understanding the latest market trends and consumer preferences.

In this constantly growing and changing environment, it is important to stay ahead in the market. This can be only done by partnering with one of these top five market research companies in Europe. These firms offer a diverse range of services, from traditional market surveys and consumer behaviour analysis to advanced data analytics and strategic consulting. These firms assist in making informed decisions and achieving sustainable growth. Their commitment towards their clients makes these companies indispensable allies for new and experienced businesses in Europe.

In summary, choosing the right market research company in Europe can significantly impact a business’s success, providing the necessary insights to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

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