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CATI Surveys Best Practices for Effective Surveys

CATI Surveys: Best Practices for Effective Surveys

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  • What Is CATI?CATI Surveys
  • How Is The CATI Survey Conducted?
  • How Does CATI Research Work?
  • How Spade Survey Work
  • Summary

Companies need essential data on their sectors, marketplaces, and the overall business landscape to stay ahead of their competitors in today’s hyper-competitive business world. When it comes to obtaining access to important data, market research is essential.

Because of the availability of various technologies, such as AI and computerized learning methods, data collection has become more accessible and efficient than it was a few decades ago. CATI, or Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing, is a survey approach used by the majority of popular quantitative market research firms.

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about the CATI surveys so you can decide if they’re the right choice for you.

What Is CATI?

Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is a type of automated survey that employs software to deliver a script to the interviewer. It is a phone-based data collection method that allows the interviewer to educate respondents on the necessity of timely and correct data collection.

CATI has replaced traditional telephone interviews in the same way that computers have replaced clipboards and questionnaires in face-to-face research. The interview takes place over the phone and is guided by a questionnaire that displays on the computer screen. CATI interviewers use the keyboard to enter responses that correspond to the pre-coded answers that show on the screen.

CATI Surveys

A CATI survey is an example of quantitative market and public opinion research that uses computer-assisted technologies. CATI research is one of the most common quantitative research methods. Over the phone, a trained interviewer asks a respondent a series of questions.

Companies that select to outsource CATI services can save time spent communicating with diverse responses and reduce operating costs associated with data processing problems.

Spade Survey’s CATI Market Research services will take care of all your market research needs while working under strict deadlines and diving headfirst into obstacles with exceptional caution.

How Is The CATI Survey Conducted?

Companies use a computer script that has been meticulously crafted to ensure that it is properly prepared. Using an automated questionnaire, the interviewer can keep track of all questions asked during a phone call. The CATI survey approach contains a number of tools for controlling and utilising information about respondents in order to adapt questions correctly.

A well-structured survey questionnaire avoids inaccurate or nonsensical answers that may have been provided inadvertently. This is a huge advantage over standard spread sheets because it helps you to avoid errors, reducing the possibility of irrelevant surveys.

How Does CATI Research Work?

Telephone interviews are guided by a questionnaire provided on the computer screen. The interviewer uses a keyboard and mouse to record responses that correspond to the pre-coded responses displayed on the screen. The CATI program handles any questionnaire routing or complicated survey logic.

CATI research has considerable advantages:

  • The interviewer is free to focus on the interview because the routing instructions are handled.
  • Structured data is entered directly into the survey database. Additional data processing is no longer required. This reduces costs and errors.
  • The interviewing process is sped up since data is input as it is collected.
  • Because feedback is collected in real time, researchers and analysts can query the survey dataset while fieldwork is still on-going. This includes displaying survey results in live dashboards.
  • Modern CATI platforms incorporate telephone interviewing and internet surveys, allowing for mixed-mode approaches. This is especially significant in business-to-business research studies, when many data collection methods may be required to maximise response rates.

How Spade Survey Helps On the CATI Market Research Services

CATI surveys help your business by detecting client sentiments and market demography, allowing you to make educated decisions. Working with an experienced quantitative research business is critical for getting the most out of your CATI survey programme. Working with top market research firms in India with proven knowledge will help you take your market research to the next level.

The search for the best quantitative market research firms is coming to an end. Spade Survey is one of India’s leading market research firms in India, with extensive expertise functioning in a wide range of industries, countries, and languages.

Through CATI Survey Services, we have assisted countless clients from various domains in increasing their business revenue; finding out what made them successful. We also provide various services to assist you in improving your ROI and market awareness. We provide Data Analysis, Global Survey Sampling, Market Research Support Services, and other services.


In conclusion, CATI surveys have been a significant tool for data collecting for many years, providing organisations with accurate and representative data.

CATI surveys are essential in survey research and are particularly valuable in market research. Using their computer-assisted technology, researchers simplify data collection and provide a cost-effective method of obtaining important insights from phone calls.

CATI provide a systematic and standardised approach to data gathering, which contributes to the accuracy and dependability of research findings. CATI is becoming required in social sector research. This is the moment to consider data collection methods, and CATI has a strong possibility of being a game changer in this scenario.

We recognise the value of reliable and representative data at Spade Survey, and we’re here to assist you move into the empire of digital surveys.

Contact us right away to outsource your CATI Services and achieve an impressive ROI on the fly!

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