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Top 10 Data Collection Companies in China

Top 10 Data Collection Companies in China

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  • Top 10 Data Collection Companies in China
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Data collection is the systematic process of acquiring and measuring information on particular parameters. Interviews, observations, focus groups, oral histories, questionnaires, and surveys are among the approaches used.

Data collection is now successfully integrated into the summary of a company’s marketing plan. Top Data-Collection firms and the right data are a guarantee that a business keeps its rivals at a distance and creates a distinct position for the business that is looking.

This happens when businesses conduct thorough research or survey program to determine how to improve or modify their marketing strategies to cater to the demands of a growing clientele.

To effectively profit from a data collection company’s knowledge, we need to ensure that we engage the right organization that meets our organizational Needs.

Here is a list of the best data collection companies in China.

Data Collection Company #1: United Research China Ltd.

United Research China Ltd. is a reputable market research company, dedicated to providing in-depth analysis and strategic recommendations for businesses operating in the Chinese market. With their extensive network and expertise, they help clients identify growth opportunities and navigate the complexities of the Chinese business landscape.

Services: Global Consumer Research, Data Collection, Brand Health Management, Sales Performance Management.

Foundation Year: 1996

Company Size: 80

Address: 17/F Guangren Building No. 1-7 Guangren Road, Yuexiu District

Guangren Road, Yuexiu District 510030 GUANGZHOU, Guangdong, China


Data Collection Company #2: Spade Survey

Spade Survey, a trusted name in data collection, Bringing reliable insights to businesses in China’s vast market. Spade Survey is a leading market research and data collection company, specializing in gathering valuable insights and consumer opinions. With a team of skilled professionals and advanced technology, they deliver accurate and comprehensive data for businesses to make informed decisions.

Services: Global Data collection, Data Analysis, Global Survey Sampling, CATI Survey Services, Research Support Services, Social Research Services.

Foundation Year: 2011

Company Size: 11-50 employees


Data Collection Company # 3: . Devott Co., Ltd.

Devott Co., Ltd. is a renowned consulting and research firm in China, with a strong focus on the technology and innovation sectors. They offer businesses strategic insights, market analysis, and advisory services to effectively navigate the ever-changing market landscape.

Services: Market Research, Data collection, Business Consulting, Sales Outsourcing, Translation

Foundation Year: 2007

Company Size: 50-249

Address:301 South Building, Software Building, Tianda Science Park, No. 80, 4th Ave, TEDA, Tianjin, 300457, P. R. China


Data Collection Company #4. Cathaya Research

CATHAYA RESEARCH is a prominent market research firm based in China, offering comprehensive data collection and analysis services to businesses. They specialize in providing insights on consumer behavior, market trends, and competitive intelligence.

Services: custom Research, Global Project Management, Data Collection

Foundation Year: 2012

Company Size: 30

Address:Wang Jing SOHO T2A, #907 Chaoyang District, Beijing China


Data Collection Company #5. Beijing Mindslab Marketing Consulting Co, Ltd.

Beijing Mindslab Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. is a marketing consulting company in Beijing, China, providing data-driven strategies and solutions to businesses. They specialize in market research, consumer behavior analysis, and marketing campaign optimization.

Services: Market Research, data collection

Foundation Year: 2015

Company Size: 10-49

Address: Beijing Mindslab Marketing Consulting co., Ltd.Haidian District, and Beijing, china


Data Collection Company #6. TGM Research

TGM Research is a market research company based in China, specializing in data collection and analysis. They offer a wide range of research services to help businesses make informed decisions based on consumer insights.

Services: Market Research, Market Strategy, Business Consulting

Foundation Year: 2010

Company Size: 10-49


Data Collection Company #7. Daxue Consulting Beijing

Daxue Consulting Beijing is a leading market research and strategy consulting firm based in Beijing, China. They provide comprehensive insights and tailored solutions to help businesses navigate the Chinese market and make informed decisions for growth and success.

Services: Market research, Chinese market, China Market Research, Management Consulting, China Market Strategy, China Market Entry, Consumer Research, Strategy consulting,

Foundation Year: 2009

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Address: Daxue Consulting Shanghai, 272 Ruijin Er Road, Building 2, Office 501 Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

Website: www.

Data Collection Company #8. UniqueView

As a European agency nestled in the heart of Shanghai, we are not just operating in China – we are immersed in its pulsating rhythm. This ensures our strategies are always on the cutting edge, leaving outdated methods behind.

Services: Market Research, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research

Foundation Year: 2010

Company Size: 10-49

Address: Unique View Asia Co., Ltd. 4.0. Address: 200041 Shanghai, China.


Data Collection Company #9. N-Dynamic.

N-Dynamic is a dynamic and forward-thinking technology company that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for businesses. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, they help organizations optimize their operations and achieve their goals.

Services: Market Research, Marketing Strategy, and Consulting

Foundation Year: 2001

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Address: Room 1831, 18F Longemont Yes Tower, No.369, Kai Xuan Road, Changing District, Shanghai, P.R. China.


Data Collection Company #10. Martec Group

Martec Group is a reputable market research and consulting firm with global reach. They specialize in helping businesses make informed decisions through their deep industry expertise and data-driven insights.

Services: Market Intelligence, Product Intelligence, data collection, competitive Intelligence

Foundation Year: 1984

Company Size: 10-249

Address: Building 3, 5/F, 3601 Dongfang Road Pudong, Shanghai 200120, China.


How Spade Survey Help

If you are looking for Market Research services, Data is essential for measuring the strength and recognition of your brand, finding customer behavior or needs, projecting market response to new items, or observing broader market developments and trends. Good data enables better strategic planning, substantial enterprise improvements, risk avoidance, and the opening of new directions and innovations. We bring knowledge of the client, the market, and oneself to the table.

Spade Survey is China’s biggest market research firm. We have helped more than 50 research organizations globally, and they received benefits. By doing in-depth market research and using cutting-edge marketing techniques, we close the gap between customers and clients.

Spade Survey market research team can help you with:

  • Monitoring your market performance
  • Gaining knowledge of how your product can change the way of life of your customers.
  • Describe where your product can experience a rise in demand and why.
  • Review every step that has been made to improve the marketing of your goods, services, or enterprise as a whole.
  • Find solutions to all kinds of marketing issues
  • Make it much simpler and better for you to connect with customers.


It has now been abundantly clear that no solid, no matter how big or little, can exist without data. Data is the primary component, or perhaps the USP, of what makes some businesses stand out from the competition since it may provide a competitive advantage where it is most needed.

The Top Data Collection Firms in China have been covered in this article. This is not a comprehensive list; there are numerous additional startups that have the potential to expand far more quickly. For the other competing companies, this will be tough.

Spade survey is also a well-known data collection company in China. The integrity of these data is always maintained. The most recent technologies, resources, strategy, 15 years of experience, and much more are all available at one place. Join us to outsource your data collection requirement and make your work easier at an affordable rate in a timely manner.

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