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Spade Survey: Methods & Types of Primary Market Research

Spade Survey: Methods & Types of Primary Market Research

Table of Content:

  • What is  Primary Research?
  • Types of Primary Research
  • Advantages Of Primary Market Research
  • Primary Market Research Methods
  • Conclusion

Market research is an organized process of collecting, analyzing, and understanding information. The information could be relevant to the target market, buyers, competitors, and the different types of the industry.

This is the groundwork for any successful business. The research has a couple of different purposes such as identifying the new market to launching your services or product or improving your product before launch in it into the market.

We offer successful quantitative and qualitative research solutions as a full-service market research company. The research is divided into two types: primary and secondary research.

The research is divided into two types: primary and secondary research.

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What is Primary Research?

Primary research is a method that is used by researchers to gather data directly. In this type of research, you collect the data by yourself. Primary research is carried out only to address a certain issue that requires a complete analysis.

Primary research includes interviews, surveys, and observations. The perfect researcher knows how to make use of the primary as well as secondary sources to write and use it for the targeted goals.

Primary research is a valuable skill to obtain as it can significantly add to your research in secondary sources like magazines, books, or journals; you can also use it while writing your project.

If you want to understand your consumers then you should use primary research. Primary research finds market research data straight from sources; however, Secondary research has previously been conducted. It usually includes studies and reports done by government organizations and other sources in your respective industry.

 Conducting primary research provides you with depth visions of how current and prospective customers relate to your service or product.

Advantages Of Primary Market Research

  • Identification of Targeted problems

When the organization asks for market research, it has the whole control over the process, and the research is updated as far as its purposes and scope are concerned. A complete company Research required asking to focus their efforts to discover data regarding specific markets instead of concentrating on mass markets.

  • Information recency

Generally, secondary data is not so latest and it may not be detailed to the situation or place the marketer is going to target. The researcher can use the irrelevant apparent information to learn about the trends or may be able to find the relation with the recent situation. Hence primary data becomes a more perfect tool since we can use data that is beneficial for us.

  • Data Ownership

Secondary Market research data have limited access however, Primary market research data can get complete access as it is collected by yourself or your company hence, and you have ownership of the collected data because the ownership of researched data is extremely important.

You and your company have the skill to with a first round of primary research under your belt, you and your company have the ability to ability to remember and compare upcoming waves of facts to see how your company succeeded in management previously.

  • In-depth Vision

With the direct recording of the words, thoughts, and feelings of your primary data, you can have a great understanding of the opinion of the potential customer or competitors

Types of Primary Research

Primary research is an exceptional skill to learn as it provides you the valuable information about the business, academic and personal. It can be included in the 2-question survey, or as comprehensive as a log term longitudinal study.

  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative
  • Hybrid of both

Primary Market Research Methods:


The collected data by researchers used in the Survey process from a scheduled group of respondents. The Topics of Surveys are different based on the research purpose. Consumer research, for instance, might examine the impressions, approaches, thoughts, and consumer satisfaction level with the brand or products.

Researchers determined which samples to take before doing the survey, the procedure called as survey sampling usually falls into two categories:


An interview is alike a survey where the interaction between the researcher and respondents is directly carried out may be over the phone or in person. The process of an interview can be conducted at any place it may be over the street or else at home, reliant on the selected survey sample

However, rather than asking closed-ended questions the interviews mostly trusted open-ended questions. They inquired deeper into the responses of respondents. Opposite to the surveys, the interviewer does not have a controller, causing in more bias in questionnaires. To reduce these biases they may bring notes with queries to ask.


Focus Groups

Focus groups are used in the data collection starting from a small group of people who are frequently subject matter specialists in the area of research. Discussion is started between the group members to determine their thoughts. The focus method is generally used by industries to gain vision into niche markets and study about their consumers.


The method of observation is carried out neutrally.  It is also carried out by simply doing the event observations and taking prepared notes. An observation method does not carry out by the direct interaction between the subject and the researcher. This method eliminates the possibility of partiality which could come across during the survey or an interview as the encounters detected are honest reactions. Observations can be carried out by a trained observer or a camera.

The observation method is generally used by toy manufacturers while testing their products made for kids or children.


How Spade Survey Help?

Spade Survey is a global provider of primary market research services to global research firms.

Interviews, social media monitoring, on-site research, personalised mail surveys, mystery shopping, focus groups, and computer-assisted interviewing are among our primary research methods. Spade Survey is a convenient way to outsource your primary market research needs to a knowledgeable offshore partner.


Considering all the aspects of the research types, methods, and advantages; the primary market research methods are a very observable and smart choice for businesses observing to improve their products or services because they provide them with tested solutions for growth.

Spade Survey is the leading market research and data collection company that provides Market Research Services for SME and Startup’s. Our team is based in Spade Survey is a global provider of primary market research services to global firms

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